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Como trasplantar y cuidar nuestro olivo

Olivo para trasplantar a maceta

Our olive trees are one year old and are presented in a jute bag, ready to be transplanted into a pot.

Mantenimiento y trasplante

It is necessary to open the jute bag and remove the root ball. If it is introduced into water and allowed to absorb a little, it lasts about 2 weeks without maintenance.

The ideal is to transplant it to a pot as soon as possible and water it, if it is a clay pot better, because it allows it to breathe. 

It is recommended to place it in a place where it gets a lot of light and a warm climate. Avoid frost. It is not necessary to water it regularly, although young olive trees like this one need to be watered more often, but moderately. They should never be flooded because the roots can rot.

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