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Care for dry skin, take note!

Dry skin needs special care to avoid skin irritation. In addition, it is especially affected by external factors such as the sun, the cold or the air.

piel seca

The cause is a lack of hydration and lipids, which are fats, a problem found in the structure of the different layers of the skin.

Therefore, one of the keys to recovering its hydration is to reinforce the skin's protective barrier. Let's see how to do it

Why does the skin dry?

Due to the lack of hydration and lipids that are responsible for maintaining the protective barrier of the skin. This deficiency is highly influenced by stress, by external factors such as cold, heat or dry air. Genetics and age also influence, because with the passing of the years our sebaceous and sweat glands work more slowly, and provide less oil and moisture to the skin. As a consequence, we lose elasticity and wrinkles appear. In the same way, an unbalanced diet or the wrong cosmetics for the skin type.

How to recover the balance of the skin?

It is essential to have a balanced diet and be free of stress, because it causes hormonal changes that directly affect the skin, creating dryness, redness and irritation.

The right cosmetics also influence and help maintain the balance of the skin to keep it healthy, and its care is also recommended for both mature and young skin, to avoid premature deterioration and give it a glowing appearance.

Treatments for Dry Skin

First of all, daily cleansing is essential for any type of skin, but if we also need special care, it is important to keep the skin clean so that it better absorbs treatments.

For dry skin, we recommend applying the Purifying Cleansing Milk wave Cherry Cleansing Mousse because both cleanse deeply, do not leave a greasy sensation and hydrate the skin a lot. If you don't usually wear makeup and you don't need a very deep cleaning, the Artisan Moisturizing Honey and Shea Soap It is a good choice, as well as the classic Olive Oil Soapvery good especially for irritated skin.

To hydrate, the Facial Cream for Sensitive Skin La Chinata It is made with ingredients of natural origin so it does not irritate and its content of repairing, anti-inflammatory and soothing active ingredients help the face recover its hydration, flexibility and adequate nutrition. It also contains Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. Also the Hydronutritive Facial Cream 24h La Chinata, which contains the necessary antioxidants to stop the signs of aging and is enriched with hydrolyzed collagen and moisturizing factor, an active ingredient based on moisturizing salts, amino acids and naturally occurring proteins.

He La Chinata Miraculous Oil It is a perfect product for dry skin, as it not only acts on the skin but it can also be applied a few drops to make-up to make it more moisturizing. For dry skin, the La Chinata three-step system that contains Extra Smooth Face Scrub, Revitalizing Day Facial Care with SPF 15 (it is very important to protect the skin from the sun) and the Anti-aging Face Night Cream As weekly care, it is always advisable to apply a mask, and for dry skin the ideal is the Nourishing mask wave La Chinata Repairing Mask.

All these recommendations will help protect dry skin reinforce its balance to keep it hydrated and free from irritation. Try it!


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