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Big Tasting Bucket



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REFRIGERATED SHIPMENT: Available in Mainland Spain for 10€
Gratis para pedidos superiores a 50€

There is a Spanish proverb that says "with some bread and some wine, the path does not look so long". Following this proverb we have created this irresistible experience for cheese lovers, paired perfectly with two of our most-known wines.

Measures (l x w x h): 23 x 23 x 32 cm.


On the one hand, It includes Cepas Vendimia Seleccionada wine, a red wine made in Almendralejo, named International City of Wine, which is part of the qualification Vinos de la Tierra de Extremadura (Wines of the Land of Extremadura). The grapes used are Garnacha Tintorera and Tempranillo, two of the oldest varieties in the Designation of Origin.

This wine expresses its young character, with a well covered colour, a great smoothness in the mouth and spicy touches that recall its ageing in barrels. It pairs very well with aged sheep cheese such as Sheep Cheese with EVOO and Sheep Cheese with EVOO and Raisins.

And on the other hand, Cepas White Wine made with Moscatel, Cayetana and Eva varieties, harvested by hand. It is an excellent wine, full of nuances, sometimes fruity and sometimes very complex, which pairs very well with the Cured Sheep Cheese with Truffle.

It is also worth mentioning that the three varieties of cheese come cut into pieces and ready to eat. No fuss. Just open, serve and enjoy.

And if that wasn't enough, this gastronomic experience comes in an original large bucket, perfect as a gift, which can be reused as a flowerpot, table, storage container... and can be painted or decorated to give it a second life.

Without a doubt, a real experience for your senses!

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