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Tarro de Crema de Queso Torta Extremeña
Torta Extremeña Cheese Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil



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Torta Extremeña Cheese Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

(56 customer reviews)


120g | €26.67 / 1kg

In stock

Torta Extremeña cream cheese is made from cheese from Extremadura region with Designation of Origin. They are carefully selected to obtain a cream that respects the original flavour and texture of the Torta Extremeña.

It is a gourmet cream cheese with a very characteristic flavour as it is salty but with a slightly bitter touch, typical of this region's torta, that melts on the palate.


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56 reviews for Crema de Queso Torta Extremeña

  1. Carmen G (verified owner)

    Muy rica ,en un formato muy práctico porque así evitas la intesidad de olor a queso. Ideal para picoteo con unas buenas regañás

  2. asun losada

    It's the first time I try it. An intense and exquisite flavor.

  3. Carmen

    Very rich

  4. Ana

    Creamy and very tasty

  5. Lara

    same taste

  6. READ

    The product is excellent

  7. beatrice

    For us the best of all the creams they have

  8. mary beatrice

    The best cake I've ever tasted

  9. mary beatrice

    The best cake I've ever tasted

  10. M Belen


  11. Jesus

    It is a kind of very thin and light cake mousse

  12. Alicia

    Easy to spread and rich

  13. Yolanda

    for cheese lovers

  14. Yolanda

    amazing taste

  15. Vanessa

    Extremaduran products do not disappoint

  16. Jose Manuel

    The same taste that the authentic wedding cake

  17. Veronica

    It has been my wedding gift for my guests and they have all been delighted with its flavor

  18. nuria

    It's very good. I have not given it a five because I expected a cheese cream and the texture is more similar to a pate or a mousse and the flavor is a little stronger than the original Extremaduran torta cheese. It's also good anyway

  19. Ana

    If you like this cheese, this container is perfect for snacking.

  20. Raquel

    Is rich


    fantastic cake

  22. Jenny

    Very good

  23. Angela

    Mild flavor but similar to Torta Extremadura

  24. Antonia

    Its intense flavor has not been to everyone's taste.

  25. Ana Belen

    Contained in the valuation

  26. Jessica

    Cream with an intense and characteristic flavour. Perfect for snacking


    Good texture and taste like the original cheese

  28. SERGIO

    A cream that produces addiction, soft, creamy and tasty.

  29. vanessa

    Very good

  30. Dew


  31. GEM

    It smells better than it tastes, I think it has a very strong flavor, you can't eat more than toast.

  32. INEFOC

    It is delicious and very creamy

  33. MARIA

    I will repeat without a doubt


    It's tremendously good, you start and you can't stop.

  35. Esther

    A flavor very similar to the wedding cake, but softer. Highly recommended.

  36. zita

    Perfect for dipping

  37. Raquel

    It is always a hit. Comfortable and practical glass base.

  38. thanks

    smooth and creamy

  39. Kings

    Perfect with a touch of paprika!

  40. Carolina

    Strong flavor of queao, it does not go unnoticed, but very good if you like strong cheeses. Ideal size for couples.

  41. Ana Maria

    Very rich in toast

  42. sonia

    as expected

  43. OLALLA

    Taste very similar to cake, perhaps a little salty

  44. Sarah

    I loved it too, it's delicious to eat with the bread sticks, it tastes like an authentic Extremaduran cake!!!

  45. AGNES

    price quality provided with respect to other cheese creams sold in gourmet stores

  46. Alexandra

    I placed an order for 4 varieties of pate and everyone has been amazed. In addition to an original gift, they are delicious and the service was very fast, the next day I had my 80 pâtés at home.

  47. Daisy flower

    Very good cream, an authentic flavor of Torta Extremadura cheese

  48. Daisy flower

    very good, excellent taste

  49. MARTHA


  50. Daisy flower

    The cream is very rich; It's not the same as the cake, but it turns out good

  51. pillar

    Very rich

  52. Lorraine

    I am in love with wedding cake and I loved this cream,

  53. Ana Laura


  54. Ana Laura


  55. Jesus

    Very good.

  56. Jesus

    Very good.

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Torta cheese (merino sheep milk, vegetable rennet and salt) (32%), water, powder milk, butter, extra virgin olive oil (1%), salt, fuxing salt (E-452, E-331 and E-450), milk proteins, stabilisers (E-401, E-410, E-415 and E-461), aroma, preservative (E-202), emulsifier ( E-451) and acidity corrector (E-330).


Nutrition Facts per 100g: Calories 869 kJ/210 kcal,  Total fat 18,1g, Saturated fat 9,4g,  Carbohydrates 2,0g, Sugar 0,3g, Dietary Fiber 0,7g, Protein 9,4g , Salt 1,83g.


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from light and heat sources. Once opened, keep refrigerated and use by 5 days.

How to use

We recommend consuming our Torta Extremeña Cream Cheese for toasts, with Regañás with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, even sprinkling a little sweet paprika as a final touch on top, an exquisite combination.

We also recommend it for making sauces that accompany vegetables or meats.


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