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The Chocolate Cream with EVOO and Flor de Sel revolutionizes the sweetest recipes

La Chinata now incorporates a gourmet version of the classic chocolate creams into its sweets menu, a La Chinata Chocolate Cream with EVOO and Flor de Sel, which has arrived to revolutionize your sweetest recipes.

crema de chocolate La Chinata

Its texture is fine and very smooth and its flavor is a gourmet experience for the most greedy foodies, since it has the sweetness of chocolate with the salty touch of fleur de sel and the intensity of EVOO. A flavor that will change the concept of your dessert recipes thanks to its combination of nuances.

In addition, it should be noted that unlike the rest of the cocoa creams on the market, it is not made with palm oil but with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and does not contain lactose. It also contains Flor de Sal, which is obtained by evaporating water from the sea. It is a gourmet product widely used in haute cuisine that enhances the flavor of food.

Thus, from cake toppings to muffin, biscuit or biscuit fillings, as well as the classic slice of bread spread, the possibilities of this delicacy are endless, what can you think of?


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