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Cosmetics made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Classic Line

La Chinata Classic Line cosmetic products are made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which provides the cosmetics with antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, among others. They are cosmetics that care for and protect your skin and hair. Find everything you need for your daily hygiene and take advantage of the cosmetic qualities of EVOO with La Chinata Classic Line cosmetics.

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Organic cosmetics is a new generation of healthy cosmetics. At La Chinata you will find your organic cosmetics shop with a wide range to care for your body and hair with natural beauty products. They are loaded with nutrients and we combine them with the properties of superfoods, to extract the best from them and nourish the skin to shine with its own light.

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Baby Natural Edition

We care for babies and their delicate skin with special products for babies with our Baby Natural Edition line. It is formulated with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is enriched with natural active ingredients and plant extracts such as olive leaf, as well as thermal waters, which care for baby's skin.

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Body Natural Edition

Your skin needs daily care to keep it hydrated, protected from external factors and smooth. Its formula is based on Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties to show off your skin every day. It also contains other active ingredients for healthy, impurity-free skin.

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Hands Natural Edition

Hands suffer a lot every day. They are exposed to the sun, humidity, pollution... that's why it is important to pamper them every day with products that meet their needs. Find the cosmetic that your hands need to care for and protect the skin in this cosmetic line formulated with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which provides numerous qualities for the delicate care of your hands.

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Hair Natural Edition

Is your hair dry, dehydrated or damaged? This section is for you. Olive Oil  for hair it is the best ally and the Natural Edition hair line is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and olive leaf extract. The result is soft, strong and shiny hair. Discover our wide range of hair care products

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Face Natural Edition

Facial care cannot be missing from your daily routine. The face is very exposed to many external agents that can damage it, so it is important, firstly, to identify your skin type, and secondly, to choose the most suitable products for your needs, including sensitive skin. Discover our Natural Edition skincare range and show off your skin!

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Hygiene Natural Edition

Showering is an everyday gesture, but you can transform it into a unique moment of sensations, textures and pleasant aromas with the Natural Hygiene Edition La Chinata line. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive leaf extract and thermal waters turn these ordinary products into extraordinary ones, your skin, your hair and you will notice it, you're welcome!

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CBD Natural Edition

We like the properties of Cannabidiol (CBD) so much  for the skin that we set out to create a complete line. In addition, we have full confidence in the combination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and CBD to achieve radiant, hydrated and nourished skin. It is a safe, legal ingredient and the only addictive part is the smell. It's a new line that is sweeping, try it and find out why!

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Man Natural Edition

Because men also take care of themselves, we have a cosmetic line just for him. You can visit 

It is based on simple routines that can easily be added to your day to day. It has effective products with which you will see your skin and hair improve without great effort. This is the Natural Edition Men's line, for all skin types, even the most sensitive. With this line if you don't take care of your skin, it's because you don't want to!

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Soaps Natural Edition

Did you know that La Chinata's first cosmetic product was the Olive Oil Soap bar? Solid soap is the future. Although for us it is really a return to the past, because of that first soap. But there is no doubt that its properties are so many, that is why are back in the daily routines. Easy to use, sustainable and adapted to the needs of each skin type. In this line you will find toning, regenerating, exfoliating, moisturising soaps... Which one is yours?

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Lips Natural Edition

At La Chinata we don't leave lip care behind, that's why we have an exclusive line that nourishes, moisturises and protects them. Find that lip gloss that gives a touch of shine and colour, that other lipstick with a special scent of fruits from the Extremadura pastures such as figs, cherries or olives, the one that repairs your chapped lips or the one that protects you from the sun and free radicals. All of them are here, choose yours!

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