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Baked coquelet with black olive cream crust and cava

Our suggestion for a delicious and very easy dish to prepare for a special day, these coquelet with a black olive cream crust will not leave you indifferent



Three hours before starting to cook, we take the coquelets out of the fridge so they can warm up. It is advisable to do this before baking as the heat will reach the interior more easily.

Season our coquelet with salt and pepper inside and out and put half a lemon inside, this will give it a very special aroma. We smear them with the black olive cream and arrange them on a baking tray. If it is difficult for us to adhere to the olive cream, we can mix it with extra virgin olive oil, it will be easier to apply. Next, add Cava to the bottom of the tray (approximately one centimeter thick), cover with aluminum foil and place in the oven, previously heated to 180 degrees, for 30 minutes. After the first half hour we remove the aluminum foil and bake another 20 minutes, meanwhile we are preparing the potatoes, for this we wash them and put them in a filmed bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes, when they are removed they will be almost cooked. To make them juicier, crush them a bit to crush them so that the flavors penetrate inside, mix with the green olive cream and extra virgin olive oil and arrange them on a tray suitable for the oven.

After 20 minutes of baking the coquelet uncovered, it is time to put the baby potatoes in to finish cooking them and put the oven at maximum power with a fan if you have one, this will cause them to brown on the outside. Now we will have to be attentive to remove it when it is ready.

Optionally we can add a little salt seasoned with lemon to taste, if we want to further enhance the flavor of the potatoes.

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