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Five tips to keep hair healthy

Our hair, like our skin, must be cared for every day so that it grows strong, healthy and shiny. If you want to recover its vitality, we must give it nutrients that strengthen it and give it extra care to recover its natural shine.

If you're looking for super-sophisticated treatments to get your hair back, you may only need a few small gestures to restore your natural glow. With these five simple habits you will notice much healthier and shinier hair. Aim!

1.Brush your mane several times a day. With this you will help stimulate blood circulation and promote its growth.

2.Use only the necessary amount of shampoo (proportionate to a tablespoon, you don't need more).

3.Apply conditioner or mask only from mid-lengths to ends and rinse well with plenty of water. With this we prevent excess fat from forming.

4.Do not rub the hair when drying it. This movement will only give you the mythical "frizz" and will increase frizz.

5.Avoid using heat tools at maximum temperature. Instead of 230ºC you can use them at 180ºC. This way you will minimize the possible damage it can cause to your hair.

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