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Micellar shampoo, the new hair treatment for strong and healthy hair

You like him Micellar Water? If so, you will be happy to know that you will now also find its benefits for the hair with the new micellar shampoo. We have recently created this new product capable of capturing impurities from the hair without altering it and providing it with the necessary nutrients to keep it strong and shiny.

champú micelar

Like the micellar water, the Micellar Shampoo has a set of molecules (micelles) that attract dirt and sebum from the hair and eliminate it, cleaning it in depth and respecting the health of the hair. In addition, it contains the moisturizing and repairing properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, argan oil, fig and coconut.

All types of hair

Suitable for all types of hair, from oily to fragile or with a sensitive scalp, the new formula of La Chinata Micellar Shampoo leaves hair clean and flexible, allowing it to be washed every day without irritating, respecting the ph and without damaging it.

For all these reasons, the Micellar Shampoo is not considered just a shampoo, it is a purifying treatment that strengthens it and gives it a pleasant fragrance. The best option to achieve effective and non-aggressive cleaning on the hair.

If you also want to complement it with a conditioner that hydrates, repairs and regenerates it, nothing better than our Natural Edition Hair Conditioner, made with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, as well as with our Moisturizing Recovery Hair Mask, highly recommended for brittle or very damaged hair by the sun, dyes or irons and the dryer.

This fall, show off your hair with La Chinata!

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