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Caramelized Onion in Sherry Vinegar La Chinata

From the valuable Denomination of Origin Reca

Ideal accompaniment for red meats, foie gras, fresh cheese or as a salad dressing

Within the range of Gourmet products, La Chinata has recently incorporated theCaramelized Onion in Sherry Vinegar” an ideal accompaniment to a multitude of dishes, with meat as the protagonist, or also, as a dressing for salads and to present together with white cheeses or a sumptuous Foie Gras.

The onion used comes from the Reca Denomination of Origin, which is presented as one of the most versatile and widely used varieties. Its consumption is very beneficial to prevent heart disease, in addition to admitting prolonged conservation over time.

It is presented in an eye-catching transparent glass jar, with a seal that ensures the quality of a ready-to-eat product, handcrafted with first-class ingredients, such as Sherry Vinegar and the firm's best Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Extremadura, all at a price of €3.55.

The product


Made from onion with the Reca Designation of Origin, cut into strips and cooked with sugar, liquid caramel and Sherry Vinegar using artisan processes.

Its flavor and nuances make it the perfect complement to all kinds of meat, especially red meat, pork tenderloin and foie. Also exquisite to eat with goat cheese or to dress salads.
Ingredients onion (85%), sugar, liquid caramel, sherry vinegar and extra virgin olive oil (2%).

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