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Self-ignition Organic Charcoal



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Can you imagine a clean, organic and fast burning charcoal? Well, it's real and it's called Carboquick. A self-igniting charcoal that is ready to cook in 35 minutes, it is biodegradable and lasts up to two hours of burning. It comes from oak trees in Extremadura and no trees are cut down to produce it!

It is the best way to enjoy a barbecue in a sustainable way, as it is organic with FSC certificate, and the kit is free of staples or glues, the cardboard is 100% reusable and inks do not have chemicals, therefore it helps reducing the ecological footprint to zero. In addition, being chemical free, it does not alter the taste of food.



Charcoal size

High quality charcoal briquettes are 26cm wide x 26cm long x 13cm high. Check your barbecue before using.


You can turn the charcoal briquettes off whenever you want and you can reuse them again. If you use the self-igniting charcoal again, once lit, wait about 15 minutes for the charcoal to heat up. Place the charcoal on top of the Carboquick briquettes. In about 15 to 20 minutes they will be lit.


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