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Cabrito a La Chinata, a new gastronomic bet for our recipe contest

The Toledo Cristino Hernandez Lancha surprises us with a succulent bet for our monthly recipe contest, with a “Kid to La Chinata”, cabrito de la vera baked in red and caramelized with passion fruit vinegar from our firm.

As he comments in his development “El cabrito de La Vera is not just any old thing. Its ideal weight -for my taste- is 4 kg per carcass. If the mother has grazed in the high meadows on the verge of Gredos, in the gorges of Santa María or Alardos, all the better. A second product from La Vera is paprika, hence the name of red that I give to this recipe: because that is how we will smear (a precious word that I suggest using more often in our kitchens), we will smear, I repeat, the pieces of kid with a majado that is based on the expression and combination of flavors such as unfiltered oil, field herbs, garlic and above all that exquisite smoked paprika from the land”

Ingredients for 4 people)

Photograph No. 1

– 2 kg of kid (legs and shoulders)

– 1 dl of unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, Primum type,

– 30 ml of La Chinata passion fruit pulp vinegar (some people like the mango flavor more, it would also work)

– 2 or 3 good-sized potatoes, Kennebec type or similar.

– 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika from La Vera.

– A bunch of herbs from the mountains (oregano, thyme and rosemary).

– 4 pepper balls (2 from Jamaica and 2 from Sechuan)

– 2 purple garlic (from Zamora or Las Pedroñeras).

- Salt.

– 2 good-sized oranges.

– 30cl of oil.

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