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Extra Virgin Olive Oil PET 1 L (15 bottles per box)



In stock

Extra Virgin Olive Oil PET 1 L (15 bottles per box)

(118 customer reviews)


15 l | 10.75 € / 1 l

In stock

La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a high quality oil obtained from the selection of the best olives harvested in Sierra de Gata, in the Northwest of Cáceres, to guarantee a high quality product to our customers.

The container we offer is more functional, a cheap packaging in PET 1 litre plastic bottles. It is very resistant and easy to handle and transport.

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'La Chinata' is the juice of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. In this area, we collect only those fruits that meet the properties we consider fundamental to obtain an Extra Virgin oil of the highest quality. The olives must be at their optimum stage of ripening, as well as clean, healthy and they must present an umblemish appearance.

It is only through this selection system that we can guarantee to our customers an Extra Virgin Olive Oil on which we can truly rely in terms of quality.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil has four main characteristics:

  • An intense yellow colour with some green touches.
  • A sweet and flat taste, without the burning and bitter tastes that are characteristic of the oils from southern Spain; therefore, a very pleasant taste is achieved, making its tasting a real pleasure.
  • A very dense ripe fruit aroma.
  • A very high fatty acids content, which makes this one of the most perfect Virgin oils of all those obtained in the different olive-growing areas of Spain.

We must take into account that, in the region of La Sierra de Gata, most olives are destined for direct consumption, that is to say, table olives, which enjoy a well-deserved popularity throughout Spain (the famous "Manzanilla Cacereña" olives). They are highly appreciated for their texture and flavour, which make them very palatable.

The oil is obtained from olives that, due to their small size, cannot be destined for direct consumption, so it follows that the Extra Virgin obtained from these fruits maintains all of its most characteristic virtues.

118 reviews for Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra PET 1l (Caja de 15 botellas de 1 litro)




    Good product

  3. Jose Ignacio

    Very good oil and value for money too

  4. Francisco

    Excellent for all kinds of dishes to which it adds a great flavor.

  5. Antony

    Very good oil. We use it for everything and both adults and kids love it.

  6. Aranzazu

    The value for money is really great. Very good product and very fast shipping

  7. Eduardo

    I have been a regular consumer for many years and I have always liked this oil

  8. irma

    All perfect

  9. raphael louis

    Very good product, good presence and good organoleptic. Very happy

  10. Francisco

    It is a very good oil for everything. Stews, salads, etc. Good value for money. It is the second order that I have made, the other in 5-liter bottles, but I considered the 1-liter bottle more practical.

  11. Jesus

    Great extra virgin oil; I use it for cooking, but it goes very well raw to dress any salad

  12. begona

    Very good quality and value for money. Comfortable container, but with a small drawback: no matter how careful you are, the mouthpiece remains impregnated with oil and that means that when you use it the next time, when you open it, you stain your fingers with oil. Couldn't it be improved? Thank you

  13. Arantza

    The oil we like the most at home. And very good transportation service.

  14. ignacio

    I have been using these oils for years in my humble opinion, excellent quality, saving of course the tastes of each person.

  15. ARMING

    It has excellent quality. Very pleasant flavor and attractive color. I have been buying it for years and I hope to continue doing so since the price is very acceptable.


    The oil is very good, soaps and other products are all very good because they have the properties of olive oil.

  17. Paula

    I have always bought Chinata oil for its quality and since this format was produced, it seems to me the most convenient.

  18. Jesus

    I use it in salads and in the classic bread with tomato, very good oil with a great flavor

  19. Amaya

    A very good oil, customer service also second to none.

  20. Sergio

    I personally love the taste. The value for money is very good. And I love the format, it fits in my hand without the risk of it falling or slipping.

  21. Juan Ignacio

    Interesting quality and price with the convenience of having it at your doorstep. I would like more information about the other types of oil they make, as well as other Gourmet products.

  22. M. Lourdes

    Shipped fast and rich oil

  23. Soraya

    Good flavor and color

  24. MPace

    Very soft and at the same time with its aromatic point

  25. Jose Ignacio

    We have been buying this oil for a few years, to use daily as well as for salads, smooth and pleasant flavor

  26. Francisco

    I have been using it for years to cook and raw; It gives a great flavor to the dishes.

  27. JOSÉ

    Excellent quality at a reasonable price. Ideal for salads.
    Fast and smooth transportation

  28. Arantza

    I have been cooking with this oil for years and for me it is the best. I'm delighted

  29. Amelia

    Oil of very good quality and comfortable format

  30. Hugo

    Very good for a standard extra virgin olive oil.

  31. pruden

    Good value for money

  32. Ferdinand

    correct with a contained price


    Good morning, I have known the product for more than 20 years and it is always of good quality. Shipping this time took me a day.
    Keep it up, regards.

  34. Laura

    We have always bought this oil for years now. We really like it for its quality/price ratio.


    Impeccable service and top quality product.


    It is the second time that I buy this oil and I find its flavor and quality very pleasant. I think that if things do not change I will continue using it for a long time

  37. m antonia


  38. borja

    The oil is of very good quality with a mild flavor

  39. Carlos

    I am an old friend of Fernando Oliva. Since the day he taught us the manufacturing process of La Chinata oil, we have not used any other.

  40. Ferdinand

    Contained price for a correct oil. Comfortable container.

  41. Eduardo

    We use it daily for both cooking and salads and we really like it

  42. Gonzalo

    All good

  43. ANA

    A quality at an affordable price

  44. Divine light

    It is very good and it spreads a lot, the flavor is excellent, I don't know what else I can say

  45. Giancarlo

    In my opinion, the quality of the oil is very good considering the price. The taste of the crude oil is pleasant, with a bitter and spicy touch that enriches it without altering the palate. Unfortunately, the weight limit on shipping abroad prevents us from getting the benefit of free shipping, which would make shopping much more convenient given that shipping costs currently represent approximately 20% of the total cost.

  46. Anete

    Excellent quality olive oil with a great taste and affordable price. I am very happy that it is shipped all over Europe, right to my doorsteps in country Latvia. Happy to receive great product for my family and friends.

  47. Celia

    Very good quality oil and I will continue to buy it.

  48. AROA

    I am very happy with the order, the quality is incredible and the price is very competitive when I buy it in boxes of 15 1-liter bottles.

  49. Miguel Angel

    A very good oil of excellent quality


    Great oil as always. I use it for both salads and stir-fries. Recommended 200%. I will repeat for sure ..

  51. Wonder Creative

    Excellent oil that we use for everything. We have been living in London for 3 years and it is the only one we use.

  52. Alicia

    I find it very comfortable to be able to receive the order at home without shipping costs, at a very reasonable price and in the 1-liter format, which is the size I can handle.
    This oil has an excellent flavor and I use it for all purposes but especially raw.


    I have been faithful to this oil for many years, it must be for a reason

  54. Antony

    Very rich oil. My kids eat it great.


    good oil in a very comfortable container to use in the kitchen

  56. Louis V.

    Very good idea this new format

  57. Flora

    A very good oil, for my taste I can say the best I have tried, and there have been many.
    I had not tried it before but I have already bought more, I can say that I will continue buying it, I hope the price does not go up too much

  58. begonia

    A good oil at a good price Quality

  59. Ana


  60. Mercedes

    A quality oil at an unbeatable price

  61. Jose Ignacio

    I think it's the best you can buy at these prices and with good quality, free and fast shipping

  62. Francisco

    Since I used it for the first time years ago, it has not been missing in my house. We like it for its flavor and we use it for everything, on toast for breakfast, salads, to fry. Also the shipping is very fast.

  63. Dennie

    Sehr schnelle Lieferung nach Deutschland, der Karton könnte ein wenig stabilizer sein, ist aber alles unbeschädigt angekommen.
    Das Olivenöl benutzen wir zum Kochen, Braten und für kalte Speisen. Es schmeckt uns sehr gut und hat einen frischen Geschmack nach Oliven, ist im Abgang jedoch leicht scharf, was mich persönlich aber nicht stört.
    Ich werde es auf jeden Fall wieder bestellen.

  64. Jose Manuel

    A high quality oil, with a pleasant flavor, good price and good service.

  65. DIEGO

    I have been using this oil for many years for everything, frying, dressing, eating raw with toast, etc... It has a different flavor from other extra virgin olive oils, I don't know what it is, but for example it gives potato omelettes a unique flavor. I take great care not to burn it when frying, maintaining a medium temperature and it lasts much longer that way.

  66. Luis

    Good quality oil. Balanced. Suitable for day to day. Great in salads. commercial speed

  67. Yolanda

    fantastic taste

  68. Samtiaga

    To say that the oil is very good, I will recommend it to my family and friends, the shipment is very fast. As soon as I need more, I'll place another order,

  69. Dew

    Very good oil and very good format of 1 l.

  70. Sergio

    We are fans of La Chinata oil, it has a very aromatic flavor without too much acidity and we use it for everything.
    Compared to other brands, we have it clear. He has us very loyal.

  71. Ana

    Although we use this oil for everything, we especially like it on its own, with toast or in a salad. We love the whole family!! Totally recommended.

  72. Gonzalo

    Excellent product, price and delivery service.
    All the management from the order to the delivery was very fast.

  73. Sunday

    The truth is that you cannot ask for more for less. Very good quality oil at a very good price.

  74. Antony

    For salads, frying, cooking, etc. Great buy

  75. NORMAN


  76. vincent

    In my humble opinion and that of my family, this purchase is a success, we will repeat for sure. All the best



  78. eloise

    For my taste it is the best oil and the purchase has arrived very quickly

  79. eloise

    I am delighted with the purchase and they send it very quickly. I will buy for sure

  80. ISABEL

    Very good quality at a reasonable price

  81. Francisco

    I have been using it for years because of its quality, both for cooking and raw, it gives a great flavor to the dishes.

  82. celsa

    For me it is the best to take in salads because of its flavor, although I also use it for cooking.
    The value for money is excellent

  83. Ferdinand

    We have been using this oil for years and so far we are satisfied with the product
    Free shipping is a success, since that way you can order more frequently.
    all the best

  84. CELSO

    We have been consuming this oil for years and we still like it more than any other.

  85. Richard

    Satisfied with the product and with the delivery.

  86. Carlos

    I have known this product for years and it always maintains a high level of quality. In addition, with the home delivery service, it has become easier to always have it in the pantry. A great brand and excellent service. Congratulations and thank you.

  87. M Carmen

    Very good flavor. At home it is used for everything.

  88. marivi



    I already knew this oil. bueniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I recommend it 100%

  90. J.Nunez

    Very good, it has an exquisite flavor, I will buy it again as soon as I finish the last carafe


    I love its taste

  92. john jose

    Perfect for everyday use and great value for money


    I love its taste

  94. Eduardo

    Oil that I have been using for many years and always recommend to my friends. I really like its performance its taste when I use it alone

  95. LUIS

    Good quality

  96. Christina

    For me this oil is in relation quality price, one of the best that I have tried, I recommend it and I will repeat it for sure

  97. Ana Belen

    Good night !
    We have recently bought the 1 liter pet extra virgin olive oil, this being our second purchase, and we have to tell you that we are very happy with it.
    The delivery of the order has been very efficient and the quality of the product, we love it, it has a special flavor, from the first time we tried it we still think it is excellent.

  98. begona

    Price quality, good. Pleasant to the palate and in a 1l bottle that is easy to store. I will continue buying and of course, I will recommend it

  99. Jesus

    Very good for salads and toasts or for whatever you want to eat raw

  100. MARIO

    Are good

  101. Julia

    In salads it gives a superior smell and flavor! The cod is mixed with La Chinata making the unbeatable pil-pil and the drops in the pan for grilled preparations are the difference between dry and tasty!

  102. ANA

    It is a great oil, its price when buying it on the web is at the level of other oils in the supermarket, it is an expensive product, but in the case of chinata you pay for quality.

  103. Jesus

    a great product and with the advantage of being able to purchase it in containers of different capacities

  104. PAOLA

    It is the best oil I have tried


    It tastes very good.

  106. Manuel

    Good oil quality price

  107. CELSO

    I had been looking for this oil for a long time and when I found it, I was not disappointed in the least. I am not an expert but cooking with it and dressing salads or spreading my bread is something exquisite for me.

  108. herbert

    We have been using it for years. Before we checked the store in Ourense, which closed, and dn Vigo. Total satisfaction with the product

  109. ANA ROSE

    An oil with good quality and flavor. The bottles are very manageable. Your delivery service has been very good too. I will recommend it to my friends. Thanks and regards.

  110. Enrique

    I use it mainly for frying and cooking

  111. beatrice

    excellent quality.

  112. valerie

    Perfect for frying and similar

  113. Laura

    We all use it at home... we've known it for years... we hope it never changes in quality

  114. Angel

    Happy with the product

  115. bnca sl

    dense, rich in flavor, but does not scratch the throat when taken by the spoonful

  116. bnca sl

    dense, rich in flavor, but does not scratch the throat when taken by the spoonful

  117. CUCA


  118. CUCA


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