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“Greek yogurt bavarois with raspberries and honey” by Ettore Cioccia, finalist recipe

As finalists of the contest have been the proposals "Melon gazpacho with mint lemon sorbet, grated chocolate, red fruits and honey" of ruben lampon and "Greek yogurt bavarois with raspberries and honey" of Ettore Cioccia.

Yogurt bavarois ingredients

  • 100 gr Greek yogurt.
  • 80 gr Cream to mount.
  • 30 gr Whole milk.
  • 3 Gelatin sheets.
  • 30 gr icing sugar.
  • Half lemon juice.
  • 200 gr fresh raspberries.
  • 30 grams orange blossom honey
  • A mint leaf.



First of all, we put the three sheets of gelatin in cold water; We beat the yogurt with the sugar and lemon juice and reserve it in the refrigerator. We beat the cream, and leave it semi-mounted. Next, drain the gelatin well and dissolve it on the stove together with the milk. Mix the gelatin with the previous yogurt cream, and finally add the cream, very slowly and mixing with a plastic spatula so that it does not go down.


We place four stainless steel rings on a tray, and we fill them with the mousse and raspberries on top, and so on, finishing with a layer of mousse, we leave it in the fridge to set for 6 hours.


Unmold the mousse and place it in the center of the plate, decorate with raspberries, and finally the honey on top.


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