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Basic toiletries to repair skin and hair after sunbathing

In summer it is a real pleasure to disconnect a bit and spend hours on the beach or the pool exposed to the sun. We know we should use Solar protection so as not to punish our skin and protect it from UVA rays and UVB as well as to get a perfect tan without damaging the skin. But the care does not end there.

After our exposure to the sun, it is essential to continue taking care of the skin with special attention, since the sun and water are too dry and our skin needs extra hydration.

mejores productos después del sol

Let's see which are the products that we cannot forget if we want to have radiant skin and healthy hair. Aim!

Firstly, your skin can be a little irritated or dry, so it's important to choose a body wash that won't add to that dryness. At La Chinata we recommend the Oil Bath Gel with Fig. It is a powerful moisturizer with an oily texture that, when spread, becomes a soft foam that is very easy to apply. It is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is a great collagen stimulator. Likewise, it reinforces the capacity for hydration and water retention inside the cells. And it also contains Rosemary, which delays skin oxidation and promotes the formation of new cells for brighter, silkier skin. The results on the skin are perfect and it has a very pleasant smell.

mejores productos después del sol

And we continue with the hair, which usually remains brittle and dry. For these cases, the La Chinata Mild Shampoo it is perfect. Contains keratin and silk hydrolyzate, which leaves hair soft and favors the recovery of its natural shine. And as a complement, you cannot miss this basic; the Hair Repair Mask, which leaves a unique finish. It is formulated with thermal waters and enriched with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that repairs, hydrates and protects both the hair and the scalp from external agents, dryness and brittleness.

mejores productos después del sol

On the other hand, we must not forget about the feet, they are the most forgotten and in summer they suffer a lot. How many times do we walk barefoot by the pool or the beach? To care for and protect them, we can use The Foot and Elbow Cream with La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is made with a formula that combines extra virgin olive oil, rosehip, urea, keratin and vegetable glycerin, which in addition to providing deep hydration, has a repairing effect on the driest and most chapped areas.

mejores productos después del sol

And as the last step, after drying, you have to hydrate well. For this we can use a After Sun. The one from La Chinata has a very differentiating advantage, in its formula it has EVOO to hydrate and repair and with Aloe Vera, which guarantees a calming and regenerative effect on skin damaged by the sun and other external factors. Even if we have gone too far with sun exposure, we can also apply the Natural Edition Intensive Regenerating Lotion which will always help us achieve immediate relief in damaged skin and is formulated with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Natural Beeswax.

mejores productos después del sol

So when you want to show off radiant skin in summer, the best secret is to take care of it during sun exposure and after it.

And after these beauty recommendations, enjoy the summer!

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