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Analysis of Lip Balm and Foot and Elbow Cream in Cosmetics in Action

Joanna Gull's Blog Cosmetics in Action analyzes in one of his posts for the month of August two products from La Chinata, namely, the Lip Balm and Foot and Elbow Cream. De la Crema comments that “It is a moisturizing and repairing cream that provides relief and rapid improvement in rough skin, such as heels and elbows. Contains olive oil that provides intense hydration. Among its ingredients we also find natural plant extracts such as rose, jasmine and daisy that repair small cracks and leave the skin smooth and soft. I show you all the ingredients of this cream”, to later add that “It has a very pleasant texture: it is a light, white cream that is very easy to apply and spread”.

As for the Balm, he declares that "the balm has a very nice texture of a light green gel. It applies and spreads very easily and is not sticky” while highlighting that “it repairs, soothes and protects the lips from climatic aggressions. The wind, the cold, the environmental dryness and the sun mistreat the delicate skin of our lips which, unlike the rest of the dermis, hardly has the means to defend itself.”.


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