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Speaking with chef Sergio Fernández, collaborator of the Interaceituna organization

Analyzes for La Chinata the current situation of the Olive and Olive Oil sector

“Olives are at the origin of Spanish Gastronomy”


Regular in many television programs and professor at the School of Hospitality in Madrid

Accompanied with toasted bread and salt” suggests boat soon Sergio Fernandez Guerrero, renowned chef from Madrid, an ideal presentation for a good Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The chef is a collaborator of interolive, interprofessional organization of table olives. In this article, he offers La Chinata an analysis of the Spanish market for table olives and derived products, together with his vision of international projection. His enthusiasm and closeness are contagious, the result of his passion for teaching and enjoying his daily work.

With extensive culinary training that stems from his studies at the Escuela Superior de Hotelería y Turismo de Madrid, where he is currently part of the teaching staff, and with extensive experience in countless restaurants in the capital, such as Zalacaín, Lucullus, Prince of Viana and the Casino of Madrid, among others, Sergio Fernández is part of the new batch of chefs of relevance in Spanish gastronomy. After his long stay in France and Germany, he currently combines his work as a Cookery Teacher with that of a gastronomic consultant for the Spanish Federation of Food and Beverage Industries, trainer for the El Corte Inglés restaurant chain and head chef and R&D manager in a specialized food company in pre-cooked dishes.

Likewise, he is a regular on different culinary television shows, including Heard Kitchen and Duel of Chefs in Four, Savoring Culture of canalsur, SOS Cook of Telemadrid and We cook with you on Kitchen Channel. It also participates in gastronomic events to promote Spanish products and cuisine abroad.

Lower national consumption

Probably the biggest problem is ours, since national consumption has decreased”Sergio Fernández clearly states that he comments that through his collaboration with Interaceituna, an interprofessional organization for table olives, he tries to promote the consumption of olives and their derivatives. To this end, he has promoted what he calls olive tuning, “adapt and refine the olives for moments of calm, for parties, as an accompaniment to an aperitif or a wine, for special moments or dressings”. The goal is to get the product “is consistent with the needs of the moment”.

At the origins of Spanish gastronomy

In the origins of Spain in gastronomic terms are olives and oil, we must respect the origins and these products have always been used in our country” affirms Sergio Fernández emphatically. Given the commonly extended concept of its high calorie content, it affirms that “7 olives have only 37 calories”, to affirm that “both oil and olives are a basic part of our gastronomy, since they are used in all kinds of stews and dishes”, not in vain does he consider that “We are a country where they are potentially consumed a lot, and there are also many derived products that are based on olives”, as demonstrated by the range of Gourmet products that La Chinata sells all over the world.

cyclical moments

In the opinion of the chef from Madrid, the high international consideration of Spanish Cuisine is something cyclical, “We will not be able to always stay at the same level, we have gone through a cycle that has given us a lot of impact”. However, he considers that many of the awards that are given, such as the Michelin Stars or the Bocuse d'or, do not always reflect “the standard of national cuisine, but other scales imposed from outside, there are many chefs who do a great job in the restaurant sector and do not lend themselves to participating in these initiatives”.

Looking at the future

Sergio Fernández values positively the new regulations that are going to be established in the Olive Oil sector with which it is intended to reflect on the product itself "the country of origin of the oil and not only the packaging”, according to the legislative gap that prevailed the place of packaging to the detriment of the place of origin of the oil itself, a situation that certain countries that import Spanish oil took advantage of. In general terms, it considers necessary the “improvement of the external image”, for this he finalizes a project of “cataloging or certification of product authenticity”, which will soon be presented to ICEX through the Ministry of Agriculture, which “It could be applied to the restaurant sector abroad, where there are many restaurants that promote Spanish cuisine but in reality do not.”.

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