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Anti Drip Oil Cruet



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Anti Drip Oil Cruet

(10 customer reviews)



In stock

La Chinata Anti-drip Oil Cruet is a cone-shaped glass bottle with a Pyrex glass pourer specially designed for oil or vinegar.

Thanks to this mechanism, it easily avoids driping and stains. This container is easy to hold thanks to its cone shape and large mouthpiece. Moreover, the wide mouthpiece acts as a funnel, so it is very easy to fill the oil without spilling it. In addition, the glass cap has a groove that helps to move all the drops inside of it.

Capacity: 250 ml.

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10 reviews for Aceitera Antigoteo

  1. MARIA

    It works very well because it doesn't leak but the glass is quite fragile for such a useful product. I have already broken two in a short time.


    very good! good

  3. WAKE

    I had been looking for an oil can for a long time that would not leak and fill everything with oil. After 10 days using it I am satisfied at 100%

  4. mara6

    It doesn't leak anything and it's a perfect size


    Elegant, clean and comfortable

  6. Raquel

    fair size.

  7. Javier Bande.

    Several years ago I discovered this wonderful oil can.
    It is the best to delight and enjoy this preciousness of nature that is extra virgin olive oil.
    Liquid gold to savor in moderation.

  8. Pedro

    Its operation is correct, although the price seems somewhat high to me.


    Nice to meet you. Useful, does not leak anything and elegant.

  10. Paula

    I thought it was very reasonably priced.

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