Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last. Our new season's Fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now available, made with the first olives of the harvest, limited edition, while supplies last.
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aceite revitalizante
Revitalising Illuminating Day Oil



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Revitalising Illuminating Day Oil

(58 customer reviews)


50 ml | 21.8 € / 100 ml

In stock

The Revitalising Illuminating Oil is the perfect elixir to reduce skin blemishes, repair the skin and reduce irritation caused by outside influences like sun or skin conditions like dermatitis. It restores your skin vitality and prepares it to avoid damages caused by sunlight, pollution and oxidative stress, among others.

It is easily absorbed and leaves the skin hydrated, luminous, smooth and radiant. In addition, it contains active agents that keep skin hydrated and protected throughout the day.

It has a very fresh and pleasant aroma thanks to peppermint and mandarin essential oil.

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This Revitalising Oil is made with hazelnut oil, with antioxidant and moisturising properties; rosehip oil, with regenerating and healing action that can reduce skin blemishes; olive seed oil, with moisturising and antioxidant qualities; aloe vera, with anti-inflammatory and repairing action, and kukui oil, very rich in omega 3, which helps skin repair and is perfect to reduce skin irritation caused by the sun, dermatitis, etc.

How to use

Apply on clean skin before the moisturizing cream. You should apply two to three drops on your face, gently massaging your cheeks, forehead and chin with your fingertips, in order to spread the product evenly. Avoid eye area. Shake before use.

Whole treatment

To get the whole treatment, we first suggest cleansing your face with our Micellar Water, our Cherry Cleansing Foam, with the Purifying Cleansing Milk or our Handcrafted Soaps. You can also apply a few oil drops mixed with a facial moisturiser or makeup to illuminate your skin, as well as the body cream to shine with a satin effect on your legs and neckline.


58 reviews for Aceite Revitalizante Iluminador de Día

  1. Ariadne

    I have combination/dry skin, and this is the best product to keep my skin looking good on a daily basis. I put on makeup, but I never use anything heavy as foundations" so a few drops of this oil are my best ally."

  2. Francis Michael

    We like

  3. Belen

    I have tried it alone and mixing two drops with the moisturizer. The effect is satisfactory in both cases. The texture and aroma are the most.
    Now always with me.

  4. Maria

    I am 45 years old and I have tried several anti-aging serums and ampoules and I have to say that this oil is the one I liked the best.
    I have dry-combination skin and this product balances it well. Combined with the Asian technique of Gua Sha, it is ideal and it works great for me.

    It glides very smoothly over the face and the tangerine aroma makes it even richer. I feel smoother and softer skin.
    Of course, it is not to put before makeup since it is a little (very little) greasy. Yes, a few drops in areas where you have expression wrinkles the most, so I would have to try it to see if it works.

    Other than that, I'm quite happy. The value for money is worth it. 100% recommended.

  5. Fabiola

    It leaves a very soft touch on the skin.

  6. Itxaso

    I just used it and I find it very good.
    Combining it with your usual cream, it keeps you hydrated and bright all day.

  7. immaculate

    It leaves skin juicy and natural, I don't like to apply makeup daily, it's perfect because I don't put makeup on my skin anymore. Ideal for daily use

  8. White

    My skin is super soft and very luminous I accompany it with makeup and it looks great on me and it smells very good

  9. M. Lourdes

    easy absorption

  10. snows

    Very good the truth is a pleasure to put it on hydrates a lot

  11. Loneliness

    I liked it a lot, its texture and the feeling of softness it leaves on the face and despite having oil it is not greasy

  12. Francisco

    Gives a healthy tone when applied

  13. Belen

    Gives a beautiful touch to the skin whether you use it alone or under makeup

  14. Protection

    I love the texture and vitality it gives to the skin in the morning

  15. Cynthia

    Moisturizes and leaves the skin perfect and with a very beautiful glow. Does not grease.

  16. Jessica

    It smells very good, it has a touch of freshness, but I don't notice much on my skin. I've been using it for several days, it's easy to spread because it's light, it doesn't look heavy on the skin, and it doesn't leave a greasy feeling, a little at first but it absorbs quickly. Although with this product I do not notice a change.

  17. Ainhoa

    It is the second bottle that I buy. With two or three drops in the moisturizer, it gives the face a very natural luminosity.

  18. anna victoria

    I really like the texture. It is not greasy at all and brings a very warm luminosity to the skin. For me, it has become a daily classic before my hydration.

  19. Ainhoa

    I take a couple of drops before the day cream, I have made it a routine. Leaves a satin shine and a pleasant scent. I don't know to what extent it works but it gives me more confidence in myself as if I'm wearing makeup without wearing it. The bottle is big and I think it will last me a long time.

  20. Ana Belen

    Illuminates the face and hydrates a lot

  21. Dyablessa

    I discovered it by chance while on vacation and it has become essential for me, I love it, I even carry it in a mini bottle in my bag. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin, it penetrates easily (something that was impossible for me, with my combination skin, having tried other oils from a thousand brands), it doesn't leave greasy, and the aroma falls in love!
    It also gives a revitalizing look to the face. As one day you stop manufacturing it, you sink me, I adore it!

  22. Idoia

    I had not used it and the truth is that I liked it a lot, the face is much more hydrated and luminous

  23. Martha

    Leaves the skin with a wonderful luminosity

  24. Martha

    Leaves the skin with a wonderful luminosity

  25. Nerea

    Fresh, and very moisturizing

  26. beatrice

    I really like the citrus smell it has.
    I've been using it for less than a week, but it seems that the skin is softer.

  27. loreto

    I thought it was great and it leaves you a great shine I recommend it

  28. stream fuels, sl


  29. Amaia

    I have applied it twice and it is a product that I really like. With only 2 drops it covers my face well. It is not greasy at all, absorbs quickly and leaves a good feeling on the face. I take away one star, because despite the fact that it smells very good, it is very ephemeral and the smell does not last long. The truth is that aromatherapy is very important for general well-being and if you start and end the day with it, all the better. That's why it lacks that little point of intensity in the smell (which I think is delicious). However, I will surely continue using and buying this oil.

  30. mayen

    We recommend

  31. Maria

    I have combination skin and I usually use it by adding 2 drops or in the day cream or in makeup and I will buy this product again.
    It absorbs quickly and does not leave oily skin.

  32. Sunrise

    I haven't gotten to try enough yet, but I'm happy. I feel my skin cared for and hydrated, when I apply the oil the skin looks healthy and luminous.

  33. Miriam

    It is fantastic, nutritious and leaves a good face effect!!!

  34. More

    Since I discovered it I have been using it daily and my skin is brighter. And mixed with the body cream it gives you a perfect tone.

  35. SILVIA

    Restructures damaged skin after sun exposure. 100 % recommended

  36. mon

    I've been using it for a week and my skin improved a lot, more uniform, highly recommended.

  37. Maria Jose

    I love it! It leaves your skin juicy, not greasy and it absorbs very well

  38. angels

    I have already commented

  39. angels

    I have already commented

  40. Pigeon

    Thinking that an oil is not going to leave the skin greasy seems difficult. Well, I started using the one at night and I was hooked on the highlighter during the day. It seems great to me and with only 4 drops you have enough, with which the bottle will last a long time.

  41. Louise

    The texture is very pleasant, the face remains soft and very illuminated. Now all that remains is to give it some time to see if it affects the luminosity of my face.

  42. Manoli

    It leaves my skin very soft and very light

  43. lilian

    I combine it with the olivita face cream and the shine it gives the face is spectacular, it doesn't make you greasy, the elasticity it leaves you with is brutal. At night I use the repairing oil. Very happy. Very good packaging.

  44. WHITE

    I have mature and combination skin and this oil together with my usual moisturizer is a good option for the day.

  45. Eve

    I've only been using it for a week, it hydrates the skin a lot and doesn't leave it greasy.

  46. imma

    Although it is an oil, it does not leave the skin greasy, very good result

  47. Jose Manuel


  48. Jose Manuel


  49. annelise

    Leaves the skin like silk.

  50. M. Ivan

    It is perfect to put under makeup. Illuminates and gives a feeling of good face. I like it a lot

  51. Eva Maria

    Leaves a glow on the skin, very nice.
    The skin appears fresher.

  52. Natalie

    Leaves the skin with a lot of light. And I love its smell.

  53. GO

    I really like the smell as well as the effects it has on my skin. However, it could be a bit greasy in summer hot weather. Good for winter!

  54. Carmen

    I love how moisturizing it is and the smell it has, it's surprising that it's not greasy and it goes perfect before face protector.

  55. Alicia

    I liked the oil but it is not absorbed immediately. I apply it at night because during the day, long before makeup is impossible

  56. raquel pilar

    Happy with it, it has a good smell and is not greasy

  57. TONY

    Perfect, I mix about 2/3 drops with the Nourishing Facial Moisturizer and it leaves my skin perfect. Very comfortable the drop counter. Brilliant.

  58. Natalie

    Exceptional elixir for any type of skin, it provides vitality and exceptional shine without being greasy.

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