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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil of La Chinata is obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. Only the best olives are selected to guarantee a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Find the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the northwest of the province of Cáceres. Only the best olives are selected to guarantee a high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Discover the different formats and packaging.

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In this section you will find La Chinata's most special Extra Virgin Olive Oil. From the Manzanilla Cacereña olive variety, the native variety of Sierra de Gata, in Cáceres, to other varieties such as Picual, Hojiblanca and Arbequina, as well as organic among others. All of them are made from selected EVOO from the first cold extraction.

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A gift that never fails? Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Here you will find your perfect gift shop with the ideal gift boxes and Extra Virgin Olive Oils in different formats and sizes, as well as customizable. All made with top quality EVOO and cold extraction. 

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Extra virgin olive oil is one of the healthiest and most valued oils in world gastronomy. Produced from carefully selected and cold-pressed olives, this oil retains all its flavour and nutritional properties. In addition to being an essential ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, extra virgin olive oil also has numerous health benefits, such as reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improving digestion. Find out everything that extra virgin olive oil can offer you and add it to your favourite dishes.

The price of olive oil depends mainly on the law of supply and demand. It is true that its price has increased in recent years by 40%, which is mainly due to the fact that production has decreased, against its high demand, which in the long run causes an increase in the price.

Therefore, the price of olive oil is set through a fairly complex but transparent system, since there are information systems that allow knowing the price of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, such as Poolred in Spain or Ismea in Italy. Anyone can access these systems and olive oil bulk trade transactions are instantly displayed on their own web pages. Thus, buyers, distributors or producers can find out in real time the average price of the different types of olive oil, which is useful for setting margins in negotiations.

However, this product is subject to speculation that generates constant price fluctuations. For example, if a bad harvest is forecast for the next campaign or the weather conditions are not suitable, the price will increase. The opposite could happen if there are good prospects.

The operations of large buyers can also influence the price of oil. We cannot forget that Spain is the first olive oil producing country in the world and Italy is the main destination for exports of our precious oil. When large buyers need to buy, producers take the opportunity to raise prices. On the contrary, when these operators have their warehouses full, the producers are forced to sell at a lower price.

In any case, extra virgin olive oil is becoming more and more popular all over the world. It is being discovered in many cultures, its consumption is increasing and so is the volume of production. To meet this demand, we firmly believe that prices must be kept within a range to prevent our Extra Virgin Olive Oil from becoming a luxury product.

To properly preserve extra virgin olive oil and maintain its flavour and nutritional properties, it is recommended to follow these suggestions:

  1. Storage: Store olive oil in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight and heat. Light and heat can accelerate oxidation of the oil, which can reduce its shelf life and affect its flavour.

  2. Container: Store olive oil in a dark glass container or an airtight tin to protect from light and air.

  3. Close container tightly after use to minimise exposure to air and to educe the risk of oxidation.

  4. Expiration date: Buy extra virgin olive oil in small quantities and consume the oil within its recommended expiration date.

  5. Smell and taste: Check the smell and taste of the oil before using it. If the oil has a musty odour or unpleasant taste, it may have oxidised and should be thrown away.

By following these storage recommendations, you can help extend the shelf life of extra virgin olive oil and maintain its flavour and nutritional properties for longer.

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