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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml



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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml

(23 customer reviews)


500 ml | 17.5 € / 1 l

In stock

Our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from organic controlled farming, authorized by C.R.A.Ex (Ecological Agri-Food Regulatory Council of Extremadura) and has obtained the European Union Agriculture Seal. Every bottle has a unique number in order to guarantee its traceability. Regarding its organoleptic characteristics, they are very similar to our 'Selection' and 'En Rama' Extra Virgin Olives Oil. In addition, it is unfiltered, like our 'En Rama' EVOO.

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Our careful production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensures respect for the environment, since only natural products are used in olive growing. Therefore, it is free of chemicals. Likewise, cold extraction of extra virgin olive oil, together with the advanced techniques of production make this Extra Virgin a healthy natural product, with many beneficial properties for health and eco-friendly.

'Organic' EVOO comes in an opaque bottle so as to protect it from light, a great threat to Extra Virgin Olive Oil's preservation and loss of properties. Once the bottle is opened, use it as soon as possible to fully appreciate its characteristics and avoid its oxidation.

23 reviews for Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra Ecológico 500ml

  1. ramona

    Their products are of very good quality, good prices and attention to detail. keep it up!!

  2. Maria


  3. Lucy

    It is a high quality oil at a reasonable price considering that it is organic. Personally I like the more intense oils, but otherwise it's very good.



  5. Mª Jose

    I like olive oil with more flavor, this one has a good smell but the taste is too watery.

  6. Lorraine Angelica

    Since I tried it, there is no other like it. Both for its flavor and for its production of organic origin and its value for money, I order several bottles a couple of months a year to always have in the kitchen. A healthy and quality basic that is never lacking in my kitchen.

  7. Carmen

    Very good

  8. Jorge

    Perfect for toast

  9. Luis

    great for toast

  10. Maria


  11. alfonso

    For toast in the morning, for raw bread, for salads... a delight.

  12. Lorraine


  13. Tanya

    Great taste, yummy yummy

  14. Arantxa

    Ideal for salads and for dishes that we want to enhance

  15. Wake

    I love the flavor and texture.

  16. Pedro

    I think it is a sensational product. I think its flavor is very good, and the fact that it is organic is an extra that I appreciate.

  17. valerie

    Very good, smooth but flavorful

  18. ANTONY

    Good taste

  19. shots

    The oil is very rich and excellent in any of its varieties. Before I run out I will make another request to take it raw. Ideal to take it with a piece of toast, very healthy and wholesome.
    As for the price, although I have already recommended it, obviously the cheaper the better for the consumer.

  20. Pecozimy

    Excellent flavor that recalls the artisan flavors of my childhood and that, in addition to taste, is appreciated by smell with a delicate aroma. I love it.

  21. angels

    It has a special flavor especially with bread


    A very good product at a reasonable price.


    A very good product at a reasonable price.

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